$ 32 million in cash reaches Kabul

KABUL (SW) – The central bank, Da Afghanistan Bank announced on Monday that $ 32 million in cash has reached Kabul in a series of humanitarian aid.

The $ 32 million package was handed over to a commercial bank today, the bank said.

The DAB has said that it welcomes the entry of currency into the country in any principled and legal way and while appreciating the humanitarian assistance of the international community, calls on countries to interact and cooperate with Afghanistan in other areas.

Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations last month issued a statement saying it has filed a amicus brief in a New York state court to protect the multi-billion dollars of Afghanistan’s state reserves.

Naseer Ahmad Faiq, the Charge’ d’Affaires of Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, said the brief was presented to represent the Afghan people who are the real owners of the assets.

A statement issued by the mission stressed that these assets belong to the citizens of Afghanistan and that no Afghan nationals were involved in the 9/11 attacks and that Afghans have no moral or legal responsibility towards the 9/11 victims. According to the statement, the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks deserve justice and compensation, but the Afghan people should not be the victims of this compensation.

Following the rise of the Islamic Emirate to power in Afghanistan, the United States froze $ 7 billion in Afghan assets held in that country. President Joe Biden’s government issued a decree in February stating that half of the $ 7 billion in assets would be paid as compensation to the families of 9/11 victims. The implementation of this decree is subject to the decision of the court.