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‘What has happened in Afghanistan is a tragedy for Afghans’

Signing of the Declaration of Intent for the NATO Innovation Fund - Meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence - NATO Headquarters, Brussels

MONITORING (SW) – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said what has happened in Afghanistan is a tragedy for Afghan people.

He said this following the second day of the Meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence. He said NATO Allies are consulting on how to continue to hold the Taliban regime accountable for what they have promised on terrorism, not to make Afghanistan a safe haven for international terrorists again, and what they have promised on human rights, and also on safe passage.

“We continue to work on how to get people out. NATO Allies, of course the United States, but also all the NATO Allies were able to evacuate more than 120.000 people”, he said.

Stoltenber said NATO played a key role with the civilian presence at the airport coordinating efforts. “And we’re also now working on resettling those Afghans we were able to get out of Afghanistan, and actually have made significant progress over the last weeks and days”, he said.


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