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National Meal Program employees call for their salaries to be paid


KABUL (SW) – Dozens of employees of the National Meal Program gathered in Kabul on Sunday to protest the non-payment of salaries to more than 2,000 employees associated with this program by the previous government.

Demanding their rights, the protesters said that although they have helped people in difficult situations, they have not received their salaries for several months. They asked the officials of the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban and the World Bank to pay their salaries.

“We have been working at the ‘National Meal Program’ for six months, but we have not been paid yet,” said Leila, an employee. “We call on the officials of the Islamic Emirate and the World Bank to pay our salaries.”

Meanwhile, Faqir Mohammad Faqiri, the coordinator of the NMP, told Salam Watandar that the employees had not received their salaries for four months and that if the World Bank provided them with the funds, they would be willing to pay the rest.

Protesters also issued a resolution saying that if their salaries are not paid they would continue with the agitations.


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