Faryab residents deprived of telecommunications since days


MAIMANA (SW) – Telecommunication services have been cut off in Andkhoy and surrounding restive districts of Faryab province, said officials.

A number of residents of the four districts in Faryab and members of the provincial council said that all telecommunication networks in these districts have been cut off for 10 days and the people have been facing many problems.

Ikramuddin, a resident of Andkhoy district, told Salam Watandar that the disruption of telecommunications networks had caused people a lot of problems and they could not communicate with anyone.

According to him, if they want to call someone, they have to come near neighboring ​​Jawzjan province where the networks are activate.

Aqa Mohammad Nouri, a member of the Faryab provincial council, said that the communication between the residents of Andkhoy, Qurghan, Qarmqul and Khana Charbagh districts was completely cut off from the outside and that this was a big problem for the people.

The locals have also lost jobs and trade opportunities due to this, he added.

Despite repeated attempts, Mohammad Younes Shafaq, provincial head for telecommunications, did not comment.