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132 cases of violence against journalists in 2020



KABUL (SW) – Cases of violence against journalists increased manifold in the year 2020, the Afghanistan Journalists’’ Protection Committee said here on Thursday.

In a report, the committee said a total of 132 cases of violence were reported in the year 2020 which indicates 26 per cent increase in such cases in comparison to the year before. It said among these cases included instances of physical violence, abduction, threats and others.

According to the committee, seven journalists in Afghanistan lost their lives in targeted assassinations and bomb blasts and 18 others got injured during their work. It further said 10 journalists faced physical violence, 47 others faced threats and 28 faced intimidations.

Findings of the committee further noted that Taliban and pro-Daesh militants pose greatest threat to the safety of journalists. It also blamed the government officials in this regard.

In its previous report, the AJPC had registered 105 such cases while in the year 2018 the committee reported 121 cases of violence against journalists.


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