Director of education in Parwan charged with abuse of power

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CHARIKAR (SW) – The director of education in Parwan has been referred to the provincial prosecutor’s office for corruption and abuse of office.

Parwan Governor Fazluddin Ayar confirmed that director education Abdul Zahour Hakim has been charged with abuse of power in relations to internal office issues and teachers’ complaints.

The governor of Parwan confirmed there are many challenges in the education department of the province. He added that the report of the intelligence agencies also indicates the existence of these challenges.

Meanwhile, a credible source has informed the education department’s head of finance, procurement and human resources managers have also been referred to the prosecutor’s office.

On the other hand, the official letter of the Anti-Corruption Department of the Parwan Appellate Prosecutor’s Office, which has been obtained by Salam Watandar, indicated that based on the information and report of the NDS, the accused officials have been taken into custody.

However, Abdul Zahour Hakim, director of education, has said he was introduced to the prosecutor’s office for obtaining extra payments for the overtime during quarantine times.