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3 MJ members nabbed for taking bribes worth $ 40,000


KABUL (SW) – Three members of the Masharano Jirga (upper house) have been charged with taking bribes worth at least $ 40,000 in Balkh province.

Local officials in Balkh province confirmed that a three-member Senate delegation that came to the province to investigate revenue-generating agencies was arrested while taking bribes at the port of Hairatan.

According to the provincial governor Mohammad Farhad Azimi the three senators are transferred to Kabul for further investigation. He did not reveal the identities of the accused members of the upper house.

In a joint statement, the Attorney General’s Office and the NDS announced three members of the MJ were arrested on Sunday for taking $ 40,000 in bribes. According to the statement, the three senators were arrested in a joint operation based on intelligence reports.

The statement added that the information about this case has been provided to the MJ in writing in accordance with Article 102 of the Constitution.


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