Security forces ‘tactically retreat’ from Deh Rarod in Uruzgan


TARINKOT (SW) – Security forces have ‘tactically retreated’ from the Deh Rarod distric’s center in Uruzgan province following the Taliban’s advancement, local officials confirmed.

Ahmad Shah Sahel, spokesman for the governor of Uruzgan, said Taliban fighters attacked the district center and checkpoints last night, Thursday, and security forces went on “tactical retreat”. He said Taliban fighters had only taken control of the Deh Rarod district center and had not yet entered the district administrative compound, the police command and the district headquarters of the NDS.

He said members of the special forces have launched an operation to drive the Taliban back.

According to him, in last night’s counter-attack by security forces, Taliban fighters suffered heavy casualties. He did not say the exact number of Taliban casualties in the clashes. According to him, three security forces were wounded in the clashes.

The Taliban have not yet commented.