Jawzjan youth prefer farming over migration

SHEBERGHAN (SW) – Ansarul Haq, a resident of Jawzjan, has dedicated the expenses of his potential migration to Iran and Saudi Arabia to the construction of three greenhouses for the production of cucumbers in order to provide job opportunities for young people.
He states that the purpose of his work is to encourage young people to invest and prevent irregular migrations and says that every citizen has a responsibility in the society that he must fulfill. He adds: “I had 300,000 afghani worth of personal money, I had saved it, I wanted to go to Iran, Turkey or Saudi Arabia. I wanted to get a passport when difficult days came in Afghanistan. I didn’t go abroad for this 300,000 afghanis and I built these three green houses, which will provide for the expenses of my children and my family, as well as the workers who work.”
Meanwhile, a number of workers in these greenhouses say that if the government and other institutions support them, more people will be provided with work.
Anwar, one of the workers of these greenhouses, says that with the government’s support for entrepreneurs, they can provide work for 50 to 200 people.
Abdul Basir, another one of the workers of these greenhouses, also says: “Currently, it is very good and these greenhouses that were established, people have turned to vegetable farming from going to other countries to work, and by receiving income from it, they provide for their families’ expenses.”
On the other hand, Ebadullah Ansar, head of agriculture, irrigation and livestock department of Jawzjan, praises the efforts of this young man from Jawzjan and emphasizes on supporting entrepreneurs.
“We are partners, I encourage them and we are partners,” he says. “Other young people should also try to increase cultivation and in the country, God willing, things will improve.”
Based on official information, this year 21 hectares of land in Jawzjan were planted with cucumbers, of which three hectares were cucumber production greenhouses. According to statistics, 66 tons of cucumbers have been harvested from these fields and greenhouses.