Will not work with the group of men in Afghanistan, says UN Women


KABUL (SW) – In response to the restrictions imposed by the Islamic Emirate, the United Nations Women in Afghanistan has said it will not work with the group of men in Afghanistan.

In a statement on Monday, the UN Women said that the UN mission has not been challenged or influenced anywhere in the world, except for Afghanistan.

It has called the prevention of women from working in the offices as the latest violation of women’s rights. This organization said: “Prohibition of women’s work violates the values we believe in and the international community is based on.”

The UN Women’s Department added that 70% of the staff of this department and 5% of the staff of all UN offices are women.

UN Women’s statement stated: “UN Women is uniquely affected by these restrictions placed on women, but we will not work with male groups. We will not give up our principled approach in working with women.”

The institution also said that it will do everything to ensure that the aid provided is effective for women and girls.

After the return of the Islamic Emirate to power, girls and women have lost a large part of their social rights. In the past two years, female students above the sixth grade have been prevented from going to school, and in the same way, since five months, female students have also been prohibited from going to universities.

Following the domestic and international reactions to the educational and working restrictions imposed on women in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly said that these restrictions are not permanent and if an Islamic environment is provided, girls and women will gain their rights. But it is not clear when this will happen.