WFP limits aid operations in Afghanistan


KABUL (SW) – The United Nations World Food Program and the International Food and Agriculture Organization have expressed concern about the increase in hunger in 18 regions of the 22 countries of the world, including Afghanistan.

In a joint report they stated that Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen are the countries that are facing severe hunger and it is necessary to provide urgent humanitarian aid to these countries.

At the same time, officials of the World Food Program in Afghanistan say that due to the lack of budget, they reduced the level of aid to the needy people in recent weeks.

Wahidullah Amani, the spokesperson of the World Food Program in Afghanistan, told Salam Watandar: “The rescue operation of the World Food Program is now facing problems due to the lack of funds, that is why the World Food Program was forced to help less families in the last few weeks. This organization needs 918 million dollars in the next six months to help the needy in Afghanistan.”

The Ministry of Economy also confirmed that the level of hunger in the country has increased compared to previous years. Abdul Rahman Habib, the spokesman of the ministry, said: “Sanctions on the financial and banking systems, the freezing of Afghanistan’s assets, the lack of economic infrastructure and climate change have led to an increase in the level of hunger in the country.”