Water scarcity displaces families in Helmand


LASHKARGAH (SW) – A number of residents of “Haji Mohammad Akbar” village in Garmsir district of Helmand say that the lack of access to drinking water in this village has made their daily life difficult.

Hundreds of families live in the village of Haji Mohammad Akbar who do not have access to clean water.

Haji Mohammad Wali, a resident of Haji Mohammad Akbar village, said that the water in this village is salty that has caused him and other residents of this village to go to distant areas to get drinking water.

According to him, the polluted water in the village has caused diarrhea in children and many families have been forced to move to other places for this reason.

Local officials of Garmsir district said that they have asked the relevant departments of Helmand and a number of aid agencies to find a solution to this problem.

Musa Kalim Sani, the spokesman of Garmsir district governor, told Salam Watandar: “The people in the areas of Benader and Safar have this problem. We have talked with provincial officials and aid organizations about this and we hope that the water problem will be solved.”

It should be mentioned that due to droughts in the past few years, most of the residents of Helmand districts are facing a shortage of drinking water and water for agriculture.