NAI calls for honoring the Press Freedom Day in Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – A local organization supporting independent media in Afghanistan, NAI  has called for honoring the Press Freedom Day in Afghanistan as a sign of respect for the free media in the country.

In a statement, NAI has stressed that one of the important achievements of the last two decades in Afghanistan is the free activity of the media, freedom of expression and access to information in this country.

It said that the free activity of media and journalists in Afghanistan should be guaranteed as a human right. The organization supporting Afghanistan’s free media has noted: “But it has been nearly two years since the free media activity in Afghanistan has become a serious challenge. After the political developments in Afghanistan, more than half of the independent media stopped working due to the economic problem and challenges in the country. Along with that, more than 65% of journalists and media workers became unemployed due to the suspension of the media. Economic problems have caused this sector to be severely damaged.”

In the announcement of the organization supporting the free media of Afghanistan, it is stated that in the current conditions of the free media activities, freedom of expression, access to information and safety of journalists is worrying and the continuation of this situation in the long run can be more fragile for the free media of Afghanistan.

AI has emphasized that once again it wants the international organizations to support the Afghan media and journalists and act on the basis of their commitments of the past two decades.

The organization supporting the free media of Afghanistan has also said that it expects the international community and organizations supporting journalists and media at the international level not to leave the media community and journalists of Afghanistan alone. According to this institution, the continuation of international support can guarantee basic values such as freedom of expression, access to information and the free activity of Afghan media.