Chinese envoy reiterates support for Afghanistan

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KABUL (SW) – Chinese envoy to Kabul has assured Afghanistan of Beijing’s support in the international arena.

In a meeting with Sirajuddin Haqqani, Acting Minister of Interior Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, Wang Yu, the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, said that China never supports policies of pressure and overreach and does not approve such a policy against of Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Interior has stated in a statement, quoting the Chinese ambassador, that the progress of countries is possible in a free and independent environment and now the conditions have become possible in Afghanistan.

In the announcement, it is stated that Haqqani expressed his appreciation for China’s realistic position and added that ensuring justice in global interaction is of particular importance and until moral principles are not ruled as rules in the region, an atmosphere of trust will not be created.

Haqqani also said that creating tension in mind and action is a wrong policy and that the Islamic Emirate believes in the way of interaction and understanding and expects the same from others.

China is one of the few countries that has good relations with the Islamic Emirate and has also handed over the Afghan embassy in Beijing to the current government in Kabul. After the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, China has also invested in the mining sector of Afghanistan.