18 dead bodies of Afghan migrants brought to Kabul


KABUL (SW) – The dead bodies of at least 18 Afghan migrants have been brought back from Bulgaria to Kabul.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that it has transferred the bodies of 18 Afghans from Bulgaria who were found dead in a container in Sofia, the capital of the country, while trying to enter Europe. These people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen in a container on February 17, according to the officials.

The Deputy Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zia Ahmed Takal, wrote on his Twitter page that the bodies were sent to the country through the efforts of the Afghan Embassy in Bulgaria and Ariana Afghan Airlines.

Zia Ahmad Takal also wrote that the MoFA has handed over these bodies to respected families of the victims.

He wrote: “The transfer process of these martyrs was delayed due to the delay of the Bulgarian court’s decision and the cruel bank sanctions in the transfer of money to the companies that transfer the bodies. Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government of Bulgaria with the efforts and government expenses of the Afghan embassy, these martyrs were transferred and handed over to their families.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once again called on all Afghans not to risk their lives to go to foreign countries, especially Europe, through smuggling routes and to stay in the country. Many youngsters have been seeing to opt for the dangerous routes of irregular migration due to security concerns and poverty in Afghanistan.