Multiple casualties feared in a blast near the Kabul Airport

KABUL (SW) – Multiple people got killed and injured following a blast near the Kabul Airport, confirmed officials on Sunday.

The Interior Ministry spokesperson Abdul Nafee Takkur said that there was an explosion at the Kabul Military Airport in the morning.

Takkur did not reveal the number of casualties but said that some people died in this incident.

This explosion comes three days after four people were injured in a blast that rocked Taluqan city, the capital of northern Takhar province on Wednesday.

The security commander Abdul Mubin Safi in Takhar confirmed the explosion and stated that a bomb was placed under a local administrative staff’s desk.

In the past few months, the war-torn county has witnessed increasing security incidents including explosions, reported ANI. On Monday, a blast killed the police chief of northern Badakhshan province and injured two others.