369 incidents of suicide in one year

KABUL (SW) – Officials at the Ministry of Interior Affairs have said that during the past year, 1,591 cases of killing have been recorded across the country, including 369 incidents of suicide.

Basmullah Habib, the deputy spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, has said that more than 1,800 people have been arrested in connection with these murders, and after examining their cases, they have been handed over to judicial institutions.

“During the last year, 1,591 murders have taken place across the country, of which 1,009 cases have been resolved by the police. In connection with these cases, the police arrested 1,818 suspects and handed over their cases to judicial institutions after preliminary investigations. Unfortunately, among these, 369 cases of suicide have been registered with the police and the police have arrested 68 of the perpetrators.”

The deputy spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior added that these murders included personal and family enmities, honor killings and mysterious murders.

It should be said that incidents of suicides have recently increased throughout the country.