Paktika pine traders hurt by lack of market

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SHARAN (SW) – Pine traders in Paktika say that lack of proper market has seriously undermined the potential of their trade.

A number of pine traders told Salam Watandar that last year’s pines are still stored in their warehouses, which are deteriorating in addition to their weight loss because of lack of market.

The traders added that since the last year, the countries that export pine trees, do not give visas to the Afghan traders and there are no suitable places for the protection of pine nuts in Paktika.

Ghirat Bahej, a pine merchant, said that had there been a market, hundreds of bags of last year’s pine would not be left to ruin.

“There are no proper rooms and factories so the pines are kept at homes. Another issue is that there are no possibilities for shipping and exporting regularly”.

At the same time, Paktika officials say that they have started efforts to solve this problem.

The Governor of Paktika, Abdullah Mukhtar, told Salam Watandar that the Ministry of Industry and Trade has assured that they will find an international market for pine nuts, and besides China, they will also provide opportunities in the markets of other neighboring countries for traders to sell their pine nuts.

“We will export those pines that meet the standards for export to China, and those that do not meet that standard, we will make way for them to be exported to neighboring countries.”

The traders of pine nuts in Paktika criticize that the Islamic Emirate has provided opportunities for only a few people to export pine nuts to foreign countries.