First shipment of pine nuts leave for Germany

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HERAT CITY (SW) – The first shipment of 12 tons of pine nuts worth 400 thousand US dollars was exported from Herat to Germany on Sunday.

The local officials of Herat say that this large shipment was sent to Germany by Mahmoud Akrami trading company with the coordination of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of this province through the Islam Qala dry port.

Hadi Akrami, the head of “Mahmoud Akrami” trading company in Herat said on the occasion that the nuts have been acquired from Jalalabad farmers and packed it in Herat with excellent quality and sent for Europe. “This time we prepared a very excellent and high-quality package, and we send all pine nut products to Germany with international standards”.

According to the head of “Mahmoud Akrami” trading company, 150 people work in this company, 110 of them are women.

At the same time, Mehdi Akrami, the official of the exporters’ union of the western region of the country, said that the cost of this shipment of pine nuts, which was sent to Europe, is 400,000 US dollars.

According to Mr. Akrami, the Western Region Exporters’ Union annually exports 250 million dollars worth of commercial items abroad. “In Herat, we have about 50 types of export goods, which include dry fruits, fresh fruits, medicinal plants, livestock products, legumes and other items that are sent abroad.”

On the other hand, Bashir Mohammad Sirat, head of Herat Chamber of Commerce and Investment, while supporting the country’s businessmen, said that they are trying to send agricultural and industrial products of businessmen to European and Asian countries for the country’s economic growth.

According to the officials of the Herat Chamber of Commerce and Investment, there are 120 export companies in this province that are currently operating in different sectors.