Atmar forms “National Movement of Peace and Justice”

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MONITORING (SW) – Former foreign minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar on Sunday announced formation of the “National Movement of Peace and Justice” with a number of political, cultural and former government officials.

Atmar called the absence of a legitimate system of governance in the country “fundamental problem” in his remarks at this occasion. In his online speech at the party launch, Atmar added that if the legitimate system of governance is not established in Afghanistan, not only will the crisis in Afghanistan become more pervasive but it will also cause serious problems for the region and the world.

He emphasized that to save the country from the current crisis, he did not consider the continuation of the war as a way out. He said that it is not possible to reach a “sustainable peace” without the formation of a legitimate system of “people’s will”.

A number of former government officials attended the online meeting.

Mohammad Hanif Atmar said the Doha Peace Agreement was the beginning of the fall of the Republican system and the provisions of the agreement were not implemented by the parties. According to him, out of the four main cases of Doha’s Agreement, only the withdrawal of foreign forces was partially implemented.

He urged the Islamic Emirate to hold interpersonal talks in accordance with the obligations in the Doha Agreement to reach a popular political agreement and called on the international community to support the process.

The government of the Islamic Emirate has not yet responded to the demands of the movement. But a few months ago, the leader of the Islamic Emirate Halabullah Akhundzadeh said in a speech: “There is no place for past affairs in the government.”

The Islamic Emirate has created a commission to get in touch with the former officials and help them return to the country.