Forest fires grip a village in Jawzjan

SHEBERGHAN (SW) – The security officials of Jawzjan say that the village of “Bala Mardian” in Faizabad district of this province the forests have caught fire.

Sirajuddin Ahmadi, the security commander of Jawzjan, told Salam Watandar that 50 residential houses have been burnt in this fire so far and this fire continues in “Bala Mardian” village of Faiz Abad district.

According to the security commander of Jawzjan, huge financial losses have been caused to the residents of the mentioned village.

Meanwhile, Noorullah Masafir, the head of work and social affairs of Jawzjan, who is a resident of Bala Mardian village, calls the situation in this village terrible. According to him, residential houses are burning one after the other.

He added that women and children have seen strange objects and creatures, and some of these women and children have become ill after seeing these creatures and are currently in the hospital.