Flash floods claim over 100 lives across Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – Recent flash floods have claimed more than 100 lives across the country, confirmed an official. 

From the forest fire in Nuristan and Kunar to the deadly earthquake in Khost and Paktika, from the severe storm in the northern provinces to the devastating floods across the country, all these extreme events have caused deaths and destruction.

The devastating floods have left 120 dead and 152 injured in the country, officials at the National Disasters Management Authority told Salaam Watandar.

Haseebullah Sheikhani, the head of information and communication of NDMA, said that natural events have left financial losses in addition to casualties.

He said more than 3000 houses were completely and partially destroyed and the crops on thousands of acres of land were also destroyed.

Sheikhani added that in order to reduce natural events, small dams are to be built in the near future to change the direction of floods.

He said that the ministry has distributed 100,000 afghanis to the heirs of the victims of floods and 50,000 afghanis to the injured individuals.