Grand consultative session of religious scholars begins without media presence

KABUL (SW) – The grand consultative session of religious scholars began on Thursday without media presence under the supervision of the Islamic Emirate.

A number of journalists criticized this action of the Islamic Emirate, saying that they were not allowed to cover.

Soheila Yousefi, one of the journalists, complained about not being allowed to cover this meeting by the Islamic Emirate and considered this action to be a sign of the caretaker government’s disbelief in the process of free press.

“The first meeting of religious scholars in the government of the Islamic Emirate was actually started in the Loya Jirga Hall, but not in a way in which the media is present and provide information, and this itself can limit the information to the public.”

Madoon Ghafoor, another journalist, said that the non-attendance of journalists in the gathering of scholars shows that people are not aware of the details and decisions of meetings and national trends. He added that people want to know the details of this meeting and if journalists are not allowed to cover it, people will remain unaware of a national trend.

On the other hand, the officials of the institutions supporting the media, criticizing this action of the Islamic Emirate, want the government to provide the media with access to information based on the law.

Seyed Ali Asghar Akbarzada, a member of the leadership of the Federation of Journalists and Media Organizations of Afghanistan, criticized this approach of the caretaker government of the Islamic Emirate. He emphasized that citizens should be informed about such meetings and attention should be paid to access to information that is the right of the people.

The large gathering of religious scholars began today in Kabul with the presence of nearly 3,500 religious scholars and tribal elders in the Loya Jirga Hall. In this meeting, which continues for the next two days, important governance and social issues of Afghanistan will be discussed.