Journalist from Nangarhar wents missing in Kabul

KABUL (SW) – Family members of Sahar Sirat, head of a local radio station in Nangarhar province, say he went missing in Kabul last week and has not been heard from for a week now.

Sirat’s brother, Mohammad Saber, told Salam Watandar that his brother had disappeared in the Karte 4 area of Kabul last Thursday.

“My brother disappeared from the Karte 4 area at 3:30 last Thursday, but it is still unclear why and who was involved in his disappearance,” said Mohammad Saber. “He communicated with us once or twice via text messages and said that he was healthy, but no other information is available.”

Meanwhile, Mohammad Yousef Zarifi, head of the Committee to Protect Journalists in the Eastern Region, told Salam Watandar that they were aware of the issue and had shared it with government officials, but the issue has not been clarified yet.

“We have raised this issue with a number of security agencies, but so far we have not received an answer as to who might be involved,” added Mohammad Yousef Zarifi. “We have also talked to his family, they also have no information. This person was not been threatened before.”

We also tried to have the views of the officials of the Islamic Emirate on whether they are aware of this issue or not and what actions have been taken, but we did not succeed despite repeated calls.

It should be noted that challenges and threats against journalists and media workers have increased recently.

In a latest case, Noor Mohammad Hashemi, deputy director of the Salam Afghanistan Media Organisation (Salam Watandar Radio Network), was attacked by unidentified gunmen on his way home from work. He was wounded in the head.