Islamic Emirate reiterates resolve to allow girls to study

​MONITORING (SW) – The Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan has the resolve to ​​open all schools for girls across the country after late March, their spokesman told The Associated Press on Saturday, offering the first timeline for addressing a key demand of the international community.

Number of malnourished children on the rise

MONITORING (SW) – The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has expressed concern over the growing number of malnourished children in Afghanistan and warned of a humanitarian crisis in the country.

Conference aims to encourage communication between the US, Islamic Emirate

MONITORING (SW) – A group of Afghans, including former government officials and representatives of civil society organizations, held a one-day conference in Washington on Monday in an effort to encourage communication and cooperation between US authorities and the Taliban government in Kabul to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people.

Ghani dubs trust in the US his biggest mistake

MONITORING (SW) – Former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has said his trust in the international community, especially the United States and its allies, has been the biggest mistake of his presidency.