80 girls hospitalised after poisoning at schools


SAR-E-PUL (SW) – Nearly 80 girls have been hospitalised after two separate poisoning attacks at primary schools in Sar-e-Pul province. 

According to a local education official, 60 students were poisoned in Naswan-e-kabod Aab School and 17 were poisoned in Naswan-e-Faizabad School in the district of Sar-e Pol. “Both primary schools are near to each other and were targeted one after the other,” Mohammad Rahmani said. “We shifted the students to hospital and now they are all fine.”

Spokesperson for the local police, Den Mohammad Nazari said no arrests have been made.

“Some unknown people entered a girls’ school in Sancharak District … and poisoned the classes, when the girls come to classes they got poisoned,” he said.

In Afghanistan, girls are banned from education beyond sixth grade, including university, and women are barred from most jobs and public spaces, reported the ABC. The bans by the Islamic Emirate administration have been in place since 2021.

Latifa, the mother of a student, told Salam Watandar that her daughter was poisoned at school, her health condition is not good and she is suffering from mental illness. She added: “Girl students are not going to school today and they are afraid to go to school because they can get poisoned again.”

Local leaders of Sancharak district also demand punishment for the perpetrators of the incident and ask the Islamic Emirate to strengthen the security of schools.