Uruzgan residents protest against poverty, lack of jobs


TARINKOT (SW) – Dozens of Uruzgan residents on Wednesday took to the streets to stage a protest demonstration against poverty and lack of job opportunities.

Dozens of residents protested in Tarinkot city, the capital of this province, due to unemployment and economic problems. They said that joblessness amid harsh winter had made their life extremely difficult.

The protestors asked the government to provide them with work facilities so that they can earn a living.

A protester, Mohammad Ismail, told Salam Watandar that despite looking for a job for several months, he has not found it yet. He said that the prices of basic food and goods have increased and they cannot afford to buy them. He wants the government to find him a job or provide him urgent help.

A number of other protestors also complained about unemployment and said that after the political change in the country, the unemployment rate in this province has increased by 80 percent.

At the same time, Maulvi Alijan Ahmad, the provincial governor, said that he is working on various plans to eliminate unemployment and mining operations will start in this province in the near future.

He said that he has tried to provide work facilities to the people by starting development projects.