Afghanistan is one of the countries with the highest levels of migration. Given the current situation in the country, migration continues and people from all over Afghanistan are striving to leave the country and trying to find a better life abroad.

Insecurity, economic hardship, poverty and unemployment, environmental and social problems combined with quest for a better life are forcing many, mostly the youth, to try to leave.

Migration takes place in both regular and irregular ways. Regular or legal migrations are generally not problematic, but the issue of irregular migration and its consequences have been severe and it has had many victims.

According to statistics and reports that we have seen or heard of over the past few years, illegal or irregular migration has many negative consequences.

In order to discuss irregular and irregular migration and the consequences of irregular migration, Salam Watander has organized a series of “Untold Stories of Migration” with panel discussions with immigration experts, officials and civil activists at 8:30 am every Monday in the last week of every month.



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