KABUL (SW) – The Islamic Emirate’s Ministry of Interior Affairs has announced to recruit officers who have completed security studies in foreign countries.

It issued a statement saying that those students who left their military studies in other countries halfway should complete their studies and return to their country for duty.

At the same time, the Ministry of Interior has asked the guarantors of the students to explain to the Ministry about the way of leaving the studies of the students who have left their studies.

The ministry has also warned the guarantors of students in other countries that if they do not appear for clarification, they will be arrested by the detective agencies and will be referred to the Supreme Directorate of Investigation for investigation.

According to reports, during the previous government, a number of young Afghans went to foreign countries for military training, and due to various reasons, some of them left their studies in the middle, and they are reluctant to return to the country.


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