TARINKOT (SW) – The municipality workers in Uruzgan province have gone on strike against crippling economic situation.

Dozens of employees of Tarinkot municipality protested today in the city due to their bad economic situation and requested the relevant agencies and institutions to help them.

The protesters say that they have a monthly salary of 5,000 afghanis, which cannot meet their daily needs due to the high prices of goods.

One protester, Muhammad Sarwar, told Salam Watandar: “I am an employee in the municipality, my salary is not enough, this organization should help us.” Our salaries are 5,000 afghanis, 5,000 afghanis is not enough for us, so far no organizations have helped us.”

A number of other protesters said that they are busy cleaning the city all day and cannot do any more work.

On the other hand, the mayor of Tarinkot, Maulvi Hanar, said that the salaries given to workers are determined by the government and he has no the authority to increase them.

According to him, he is trying to introduce the needy people to a number of institutions in order to solve the economic problems.


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