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Viral disease infects dozens of people in Zabul


QALAT (SW) – A viral disease has infected dozens of people, including children, with no signs of diagnosis or treatment so far.

Health officials in Zabul say a new disease has been reported in the village of Sheikhal in the Shah Joi district of the province, which has infected a number of residents, including children.

Abdul Hakim Hakimi, director of public health in Zabul, told Salam Watandar that dozens of people, including children, have been infected in the Shah Joi district of the province so far.

According to him, Zabul health workers have taken steps to control the disease and have sent medical teams to different areas.

The director of public health in Zabul said that so far 100 people have been treated for the disease and 20 others are in critical condition and have been taken to the provincial hospital.

Public health officials in Zabul say no one has died from the disease so far, but medical teams have been deployed to provide services to prevent the spread of the disease in different parts of the country.

Officials say the disease is similar to cholera, but efforts are underway to diagnose it.

A recent outbreak of a viral disease in Zabul infected hundreds of children.


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