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Youth killed amid surging street crimes in Kabul


KABUL (SW) – A young man was shot dead by armed bandits in the capital Kabul amid surging street crimes in the capital city.

Ali Sajjad Mohammadi, 22, was wounded by armed robbers four days ago in the Chahar Qala area of ​​Kabul’s sixth security district and died last night in a hospital in the capital city. The family members of this young man say that the armed robbers shot him after taking away his mobile phone and pocket money.

Ali Sajjad was hospitalized for a few days and finally died last night and was laid to rest.

Ali Sajjad’s family members say that his death has added to the woes of the family as just a little over a month ago his father had a stroke due to unemployment and died.

After the death of his father, Ali Sajjad had taken charge of the family of five and worked to make a living.

His relatives say his efforts to find work were in vain, but Ali Sajjad did not stop searching.

His mother says that the last time she saw her son was on the same day that she was supposed to go somewhere. His mother says she wished she had known that a terrible event was waiting for her son on the other side of the wall of the house so that she would not let his son leave the house.

“It was one o’clock when he left the house, the thieves took his mobile phone and money and shot him with a bullet. I call on the Islamic Emirate to arrest the thieves and punish the murderers for their actions.”

It was equally heartbreaking to hear the news of a brother’s death for a sister.

Mahdiah, who was devastated by her brother’s loss after her father’s death, was shocked to learn of her brother’s death, and every few minutes she goes through a nervous breakdown. She does not shed tears and is not able to mourn for her brother due to the shock.

This is not the first incident of the sort in the city.

In another incident, Mortaza Ebrahimi was killed in a clash between armed robbers and the Islamic Emirate forces on Tuesday night.

Ali Sajjad and Mortaza were both athletes and members of the Muaythai national team. Crime and armed robbery in the capital have risen sharply in recent months, and Kabul residents are worried.

Kabul resident Sajedah Nikzad says citizens want security from the Islamic Emirate, but after several months, the situation has not improved.

We wanted to have the views of the officials of the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Emirate and the Kabul Police Command regarding the criminal incidents in Kabul, but we did not succeed despite repeated calls.


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