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MoFA rejects Biden’s remarks on Afghanistan


KABUL (SW) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate has rejected the recent remarks by the US President Joe Biden about Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate has reacted strongly to the recent remarks of US President Joe Biden saying it is not possible to unite the country under one government.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, wrote on Twitter today as: “There is no doubt that Afghans have never been united by the aggressors, rather, a large part of the nation has waged a legitimate struggle against the aggressors with strong solidarity.”

The MFA spokesman also wrote that Biden’s statement that Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires itself acknowledges the unity of the Afghan people. “Only a united nation, not a fragmented nation, can overthrow aggressors and great empires,” he stressed.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi has claimed that the Islamic Emirate has provided comprehensive security, revived a unified central system and united the people shortly after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.

According to him, hypocrisy is an external phenomenon that the aggressors incite to survive, but on the contrary, the citizens of Afghanistan, based on the common beliefs of Islam, country and historical honors, have defeated the aggressors and are now taking strong steps to become a rival nation.

Joe Biden defended his decision to leave Afghanistan at a news conference two days ago, saying that Afghanistan was the graveyard of empires.


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