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Analysts see Pakistan exploiting humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan


KABUL (SW) – Analysts believe Pakistan is aiming to exploit the crisis in Afghanistan for its own benefits days after the Pakistani premier announced to send expert human resources to the war-ravaged country.

Recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called for specialized manpower to be sent to Afghanistan. The Office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced that it has decided to send professionals with experience in the fields of technology and information, medicine, finance and accounting to Afghanistan.

Imran Khan has called on the international community and aid agencies to help Afghanistan prevent the collapse of its economic system. “To prevent economic collapse in Afghanistan, Pakistan calls on the international community and relief agencies to provide assistance to the people of Afghanistan at this critical juncture,” he said.

But, political analysts believe that while Afghanistan does not need the labor of other countries, Pakistan is trying to zoom in on it and take advantage of Afghanistan’s plight. According to them, statements by Pakistani officials show that Afghanistan lacks a functioning political structure.

Abdul Jabbar Akbari, a political analyst, described Pakistan’s recent decision to send specialized manpower to Afghanistan as hostile move disguised as goodwill.

Meanwhile, Mehdi Afzali, another political analyst, told Salam Watandar that the Islamic Emirate was not prepared to run and lead the government, and on the other hand, the bureaucrats who worked in the previous government have been ousted and are not part of the government, and Pakistan is therefore trying to fill this gap in every way it gain to its own benefit.

Reaction to this, former president Hamid Karzai said there was no need for labor to come from abroad. Karzai wrote on Twitter that Afghanistan has experienced staff and professionals, as well as hundreds of thousands of educated young people, including girls and boys, who have been trained at various levels inside and outside the country.

Zabihullah Mujahid, deputy minister of information and culture and spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, said in response to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s proposal to send specialized manpower to Afghanistan that the country did not need foreign labor.

He told the media that he thanked Pakistan for the decision, but that there were enough specialized and educated staff in Afghanistan.


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