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Islamic Emirate arrests two local officials in Daikundi on charge of a murder


DAIKUNDI (SW) – Officials of the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate announced to have arrested two of their local officials in Daikundi province on charge of a murder.

Local officials of the Islamic Emirate of Daikundi have announced the arrest of the district governor and police chief of Khadir district in the province on charges of a mysterious murder.

Maulvi Khalil, head of the office of Aminullah Obaid, governor of the Islamic Emirate for Daikundi, said that a 33-year-old man named Mohammad Ali, a resident of Khadir district, had approached the district administration about two and a half months ago to seek legal action from Mullah Abdullah, district governor. Azizullah Ajmal, the district police chief, was imprisoned and disappeared shortly after this incident.

According to Khalil, Mohammad Ali’s brother’s family recently complained about the disappearance of his 33-year-old brother to the Daikundi governor’s office, and Aminullah Obaid, the governor of the Islamic Emirate for the province, instructed Daikundi intelligence officials to work with Khan Mohammad to find his brother. He added that Mohammad Ali’s body was found following the guidance of the governor and the efforts of Daikundi intelligence officials.

The head of the Daikundi governor’s office did not provide details on how Mohammad Ali died and where his body was found. But, he said the incident happened in a very mysterious way.

According to Khalil, the district governor and police chief of Khadir district, after being arrested by the provincial intelligence department, in their initial investigation, they admitted that a person named Mohammad Ali was being held by them.

But, Mohammad Ali’s brother, told Salam Watandar that his brother was an ordinary farmer and had gone to the Khadir district administration about three months ago to pursue a legal case, but was arrested and disappeared without any investigation by district officials.

Khan Mohammad continued with sighs and groans that after three months of trying and wandering, he finally found the body of his brother Mohammad Ali from a well. He said he has no information about how his brother was killed, shot or tortured, but insisted that Mohammad Ali had no background in the former regime and was an ordinary civilian with an agricultural background.

Khan Mohammad asked the local officials of the Islamic Emirate for Daikundi to carefully investigate the incident of her brother’s death and punish the perpetrators.

The head of the Daikundi governor’s office said that 40 days have been set aside for Mohammad Ali’s family and relatives to decide whether the Khadir district governor and police chief should be tried in accordance with Islamic law or a “peace jirga” between the two sides shall decide the verdict.

It is worth mentioning that the local officials of the Islamic Emirate announced the establishment of a commission to clear the ranks in Daikundi last week.


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