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Handicrafts produced by women in Herat on display

HERAT CITY (SW) – A range of handicrafts produced by women in Herat were put on display in the city here on Wednesday.
The exhibition labelled as “Made in Afghanistan” was organised with the financial support of UNHCR and Wadaan Non-government organisation, in which the handicrafts produced by 100 women from different parts of Herat were exhibited.
Mohammad Sarwar, head of programs at the Wadaan Foundation in Herat, said that 90 percent of the women whose handicrafts were on display at the fair today are displaced women living in the province. According to him, they are trying to provide platform and financially support 50 women who are familiar with handicrafts in each round of their program.
He added that they are still working to improve women’s handicrafts in the province, and that four to five selected handicraft items are to be displayed in the United States.
However, a number of women who have exhibited their handicrafts said that their handicrafts are of a higher quality than the imported products. They urged the officials of the Islamic Emirate in Herat, as well as the officials of the support institutions, to provide more such opportunities to sell their handicrafts in the country and abroad, so that they can improve their economy and that of their families.
On the other hand, Mohammad Rafiq Niroumand, the head of Herat Migrants and Returnees Department, who participated in the exhibition, said that they are trying to work with support institutions to promote women’s handicrafts, especially by the displaced women in the province.
In this exhibition, handicrafts such as weaving, embroidery, shawls, paintings and other items were exhibited.

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