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Analysts see long way ahead for the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate to earn recognition


KABUL (SW) – Officials believe that there is a long way ahead for the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to earn international recognition.

Officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are seeking international recognition three months after their rise to power, but this has not happened yet.

Some political and international relations experts say that the recognition of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will take longer and is going to be time consuming.

Political analyst Mirbat Khan Mangal says the international community, especially the United States, has called on the Islamic Emirate to work for the implementation of the Doha Agreement, the formation of an inclusive government, women’s rights and elections before it can be recognized.

According to Mangal, some of these demands are difficult for the Islamic Emirate to implement therefore the government of the Islamic Emirate may not be recognized soon, but the current political and economic relations with Afghanistan will continue.

Khaplavak Zazi, an expert on international relations, also believes that the government of the Islamic Emirate will not be recognized by the international community any time soon. He says the world wants the Islamic Emirate to respect women’s rights, allow girls to be educated and work in higher positions, and protect freedom of expression and the media.

Meanwhile, Waliullah Shahin, head of the Center for Strategic Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says the Islamic Emirate has met all the conditions for recognition and it may take some time, but there is no reason why the world should not recognize it.

Shahin added that much progress had been made and that the acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi was still in talks with the US delegation in Doha and that serious efforts were being made to recognize the government of the Islamic Emirate.

A delegation led by Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi arrived in Qatar last week to discuss a variety of issues over the past two days with EU representatives and Qatari officials. It is said that the delegation of the Islamic Emirate also spoke with the representatives of the United States.



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