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High hopes pinned on forthcoming OIC meeting on Afghanistan


KABUL (SW) – Analysts have associated high hopes with the forthcoming Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) urgent meeting on Afghanistan.

This comes as Saudi Arabia yesterday called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to hold an urgent meeting to assess the current situation in Afghanistan, humanitarian aid to the country and a number of other issues. Following this, Pakistan announced its readiness to host the summit.

Mohammad Hassan Haqyar, a political analyst, says that the meeting may compell the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in order to accept some of the legitimate demands of a number of countries, such as the establishment of an inclusive government.

Mohibullah Sharif, an expert on international relations, believes that Islamic countries should have fulfilled their responsibilities in advance. According to Sharif, if Saudi Arabia does not use its religious powers for the benefit of the Gulf countries only, the meeting will end in Afghanistan’s favor.

He added that Pakistan is preparing to host this OIC summit to compete with the Gulf states, because Pakistan has cooperated with Qatar in many meetings, and now Saudi Arabia may have asked it to cooperate with Riya on Afghanistan.

According to him, if this is the case, this meeting will not have a positive outcome for Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Islamic Emirate have welcomed the holding of a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Afghanistan. Ahmadullah Wasiq, one of the deputy spokesmen for the Islamic Emirate, said that they supported and welcomed the fact that Saudi Arabia had asked the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to hold an urgent meeting on Afghanistan and hoped that the meeting would solve Afghanistan’s problems.



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