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‘Taliban should fulfill their responsibilities to the nation’


KABUL (SW) – Analysts believe the Taliban officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan should fulfill their responsibilities regarding governance and service to the nation.

More than 100 days after the Islamic Emirate took charge of the country, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, addressed the nation for the first time via an audio message.

He said the previous government was responsible for the deteriorating economic situation of the people and the drought.

However, a number of experts believe that the officials of the Islamic Emirate should not abdicate their responsibility under the pretext of the corruption of the previous government and the drought. According to them, the Islamic Emirate is now responsible to the people.

Khaplavak Zazi, an expert on international relations, said that just as the Islamic Emirate controls national wealth, it must also solve the problems of the people. According to Zazi, the Islamic Emirate is behaving in a way that cannot satisfy the world.

Earlier this weeks, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, addressed the nation for the first time. He said that regarding the domestic policy of the Islamic Emirate, it has fulfilled its three commitments, which were to end the occupation, establish an Islamic system and ensure security.

Mohammad Hassan Akhund blamed the previous government for poverty and the worsening economic situation and said that in the previous regime, most of the country’s income went to the presidential palace and was collected with the signature of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

The Prime Minister called the government of the Islamic Emirate inclusive and called on the authorities to treat the people and employees of the previous government. He has instructed all government officials to be accountable to the people.

Regarding the education of girls and women’s rights, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate also said that progress has been made in this regard and that education would be in accordance with the principles of Sharia.



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