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‘Winter will be the most dangerous season for citizens this year’


KABUL (SW) – The Kabul department of environment protection agency has warned this year’s winter will be the most dangerous season for citizens this year.

Officials at the environment protection agency, expressing concern over this situation, have warned this winter would be the most dangerous winter for the citizens of the country. “Given the current situation in the country, we will have a dangerous cold season ahead of us, the problem of which cannot be measured,” Omar Mukhtar Orakzai, a professional member of the Kabul Provincial Department of Environment and Public Awareness, told Salam Watandar.

Orkzai emphasized that plans are underway to prevent air pollution from spreading and that work on it will begin soon. He added: “Since June of this year, there have been plans to improve the air and prevent air pollution from spreading in Kabul. “But given the developments that have taken place in the country, we have not been able to implement them fully.”

Meanwhile, Kabul residents, while expressing concern about the increase in air pollution in the city, said that people are living in poor economic conditions and have to use low-quality fuel to heat their homes, and asked Kabul municipal officials to pay close attention to monitoring fuel prices and preventing air pollution in the city.

The Kabul Municipality spokesman Nematullah Barakzai also expressed concerns over substandard fuel and air pollution in the winter. He said that more than 1,607 high-rise buildings have been sealed due to the use of substandard fuel, and more than 1,100 high-rise buildings have been warned to install filter / air purifiers during this cold season.

Barakzai added that there are ongoing programs to curb air pollution in Kabul, which include assessing places such as high-rises and public baths that contribute to air pollution.

The city of Kabul has long had many problems with air pollution. But this year, due to the fact that the citizens of the country do not have proper access to quality fuel materials and are in a bad economic situation, many say they have to use low-quality fuel to heat their homes, which causes more air pollution.



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