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Calls for monitoring, transparency in support for vulnerable journalists 


KABUL (SW) – Press freedom activists on Tuesday called for monitoring and transparency in the process of evacuation and support for the vulnerable journalists in the country. 

Officials from the National Union of Journalists of Afghanistan said at a news conference in Kabul today that media owners, organization and journalists had misused the names of working journalists in the process of moving vulnerable citizens abroad. Masrur Lotfi, Media Officer of the National Union of Journalists of Afghanistan, called on national and international media support organizations and journalists to help stop the abuse of journalists.

The media officer of the National Union of Journalists of Afghanistan added: “There are some concerns about the misuse of journalists’ identities and names, which has caused us concern as well as among journalists”.

A number of journalists have also expressed concern that media owners and senior officials have evacuated their relatives and friends in disguise of the journalists.

This comes as many vulnerable journalists remain stranded in the country.


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