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Hospital for drug addicts faced with shortages


KABUL (SW) – In the wake of the rise to power of the Taliban, the main public hospital for the treatment of drug addicts in Farah province is faced with lack of facilities.

Abdul Wadud Niazi, head of the 100-bed hospital for drug addicts in Farah province, told Salam Watandar there has been many problems due to the growing number of patients, lack of beds, medicine and food.

According to Niazi, the health officials have shared their problems with local and central authorities who assured that they are working to address these issues.

The head of the 100-bed hospital for drug addicts in Farah province said that since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, more than 700 drug addicts have come to the hospital for treatment in this province, but they could not respond to all at once.

“We have problems in the supply of medicine, but in some cases, the Department of Public Health helps us with the medicine they have”, he said.

On the other hand, a number of patients who have recently been referred to the 100-bed hospital for drug addicts in Farah province and other medical centers in Farah city say that they have not been treated properly.

Meanwhile, Abdul Jabbar Shaykh, Farah’s deputy director of health, said that they were taking care of all patients in the province’s 100-bed hospital and were only struggling to provide food for patients and were trying to address the problem. “A number of addicts who are brought to the hospital by their families are admitted. Currently, we have about 135 beds in Farah province for the treatment of addicts, of which 100 beds are for male addicts and 35 beds are for female and child addicts.”

In the last two months, more than 700 addicts have been rounded up from the city of Farah by the forces of the Islamic Emirate, who are currently being treated. Officials in the province expect that these addicts will recover and returned to normal life.


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