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COVID-19 vaccination gains momentum in Farah


KABUL (SW) – Health officials in Farah have said at least 1000 people are receiving coronavirus vaccines here on daily basis.

According to officials, hundreds of people line up daily at medical centers in Farah and remote areas of the province to receive the coronavirus vaccine to prevent them from contracting the virus. “I am asking all people to come and get the vaccine, and the problem is that if the vaccine is not given, people will get more and more infections,” said Ehsanullah, a Farah resident.

Farah Health Department officials say the reasons for implementing the vaccines is to prevent the spread of the fourth wave of the pandemic. Officials said that they have sent teams of doctors to vaccinate people in the city, districts and villages of the province.

Abdul Jabbar Shaykh, ‌ Farah’s director of health, said their health teams are vaccinating more than 1,000 people daily.

Officials from the Farah Health Department also saif that the campaign has been going on for the past 20 days in the province and that they are working to get the corona vaccine available to all residents of the province.


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