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Balkh female journalists quit jobs

MAZAR-E-SHARIF (SW) – An array of female journalists have quit their jobs following the rise to power of the Taliban.
The fall of the previous government and the rise of the Islamic Emirate has left women journalists and media workers in Balkh with hopelessness, fear, economic problems and depression.
Before the fall of the previous government many female journalists worked with various media outlets, but with the advent of the Islamic Emirate, many have quit.
Darya, an employee of a local media outlet in Balkh, said she had always been at home during this time and had no outside activities. She stated that the reason for this is the lack of security and freedom for journalists.
Niloufar, another media worker who worked in the media industry in Mazar-e-Sharif until the Islamic Emirate took complete control of the country, said she suffers from anxiety. She said that all of her colleagues are trying to leave the country.
She said she has asked the officials of the Islamic Emirate several times to allow her to continue with the work, but received refusals and is now forced to stay at home.
Housha, who has been working in various media outlets for several years, shared with Salam Watandar the tragic tales of her and her colleagues’ poor economic and psychological situation.
“Their job was the only source of income in their lives, and unfortunately, most of us journalists in such situations are struggling with difficult economic problems and mental health problems such as depression now.”
With the rise to power of the Taliban, women in many provinces have lost the right to work in the media, and so far no decision has been made by the officials of the Islamic Emirate. Salam Watandar wanted to have the views of the officials of the Islamic Emirate in this regard, but to no avail.

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