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Taliban call for international recognition at Moscow meeting


MONITORING (SW) – The Taliban have again urged the international community to recognize their Islamic Emirate as official government in Afghanistan.

Maulvi Abdul Salam Hanafi, the second deputy head of the council of cabinet ministers, said at a meeting in Moscow on Wednesday that Afghanistan’s isolation was in no way beneficial and that the international community should recognize the rule of the Islamic Emirate. He stressed that the Taliban are ready to speak openly and transparently on all the concerns of the international community.

The second deputy of the council of the cabinet ministers of the Islamic Emirate added that Afghanistan seeks to build relations with neighboring countries, the region and the world that are based on mutual respect for national sovereignty. Abdul Salam Hanafi also stressed that the recent developments were radical and reassured that reforms in the country’s political structure were continuing. According to him, these reforms are time consuming.

Hanafi also said that corruption pervaded the entire political structure of former president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s regime and that despite “rosy promises” at international forums until the last moment of the previous regime, no progress had been made in fighting corruption. .

He added that the political leaders of the previous government took the opportunity to make money, and the Islamic Emirate inherited a government that owed money to its neighbors.

At the same time, he called on the United States to release Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves in its banks and highlighted that people should not be made to pay the price for political differences.

The Moscow Format meeting was attended by representatives of ten countries on Wednesday. The United States did not attend the meeting. Russia’s foreign ministry has expressed regret over the United States’ non-participation.


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