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Female health workers, teachers demand salaries, rights


KABUL (SW) – A number of female health workers and educators have demanded the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate to pay their outstanding salaries pending since three months.

Jamila Safi, a teacher from Kabul, said at a gathering in this connection that if her salary is not paid, she will not be able to attend school.

“Women teachers and health workers play an important role in the provision of public services. Without the presence of these two important strata of the society, the continuation of education and training and the provision of health services will be impossible in a short time”, she stressed.

A statement issued at the occasion noted that women who are active in the field of health, have not received their salaries and are considered unaccounted for.

It further said that according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, there 13, 666 female workers in the health sector across the country. It said 8,416 of these female health workers receive their monthly salaries via the World Bank, but in the last three months, they have not been able to find their salaries, and they are still struggling to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, Bilal Karimi, a member of the Islamic Emirate’s Cultural Commission, said the salaries of teachers and health workers will be paid as soon as possible.


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