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NSC says Doha deal has not helped with peace, security


KABUL (SW) – The Doha deal between the Taliban and the US has not helped with the peace efforts in Afghanistan, said the National Security Counc

Rahmatullah Andar, spokesman for the National Security Council, said in a video message the Afghan government was not consulted on the signing of the Doha deal. According to him, the agreement also uses terms that measure the casualty rate just in numbers. He added one party of that agreement was given leverage and room in terms of bloodshed and violence, but what the Afghan government aimed for was a comprehensive ceasefire.

Andar said the Afghan government has a responsibility to protect the country and put an end to the war.

It is worth noticing, the US and Taliban inked the Doha deal in February last year that called for complete withdrawal of foreign troops against guarantees that Afghanistan would not be allowed for terrorist activities.

However, the Taliban have now being charged for not living up to their promises, and the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan has been linked to the country’s security situation. The US has said it has been reviewing the Doha deal to see how well the Taliban have complied with their commitments.


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