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Atmar urges Taliban to resume peace talks

Taliban Doha talks

KABUL (SW) – Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar on Thursday urged the Taliban to resume intra-Afghan peace talks without further delay.
Speaking at a news conference in Kabul today, Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar said that countries in the region and international partners had called on the Taliban to return to the negotiating table and resume talks as soon as possible.
“All our international partners have reiterated that they need to re-engage in dialogue and start over”, he said.
Hanif Atmar also said at the conference that countries in the region and international partners have called it unacceptable for Taliban to maintain ties with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.
According to the Foreign Minister, Afghanistan’s international partners support a peace process that is Afghan-owned and involves the will of the Afghan people.
The Taliban should reiterate their basic demands at the negotiating table with the Afghan negotiating team, the foreign minister said.
Referring to the suspension of intra-Afghan talks in Qatar since several weeks, he said the Taliban are likely to return to the negotiating table under pressure from the international community.

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