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President Ghani vows to pick new head for MoPH

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KABUL (SW) – President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has vowed to pick a ‘non-political’ figure to head the Ministry of Public Health.

Following the removal of Ahmad Javad Osmani from the Ministry of Public Health, President Ghani said during a visit to the ministry that a new replacement would soon be picked. According to a newsletter issued by the presidency, President Ghani described the situation at the ministry as ‘sad and insulting’, adding that no politician would be appointed to the ministry, but a supervisor would be appointed, and that the staff would have a professional leader.

It said Ghani stressed that all changes and regulations at the ministry must be made in accordance with the law, and without his signature, all lists of regulations will be invalid. The President said while addressing the top officials at the MoPH that the work environment here should be one of cooperation, empathy and solidarity, and there should be a strong will for reforms.

The president said that the criteria will be clarified, discriminating behaviors will not be tolerated and the process of contracts of the last six months will be revised. He added that a clear electronic resource management system should be established at the Ministry of Public Health.

President Ghani announced the appointment of a new acting head for the Ministry of Public Health as the outgoing minister Osmani said in a video message on his Facebook that he had not resigned, but had received a letter from the Presidential Administration Office about his resignation being accepted.


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