KABUL (SW) – Hundreds of passengers, including women and children, got stranded on the main Herat – Ghor highway due to heavy snowfall.

In conversation over mobile phone with Salam Watandar, a number of stranded passengers said they have been stranded along the highway since last night due to snowfall and severe storms in the Band-e Bayan area. The passengers said they have been stranded on this route for three days and nights now.

They said to have contacted local officials in Ghor province several times yesterday, but so far they have not received any help.

Fazl al-Haq and Farida Ahmad, two such passengers, said more than 150 passengers and dozens of small and large vehicles are stranded on the Herat – Ghor highway, and that the government and transport companies have done nothing to clean and reopen the route.

Representatives of transport companies said in this connection that despite contacts with local officials in Ghor, nothing has been done to rescue stranded passengers.

Local Ghor officials have not commented, but Ashraf Haqshenas, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Public Works, has said teams have been dispatch to clean up the area for transportation.


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